About Phast-Services

Specialized in the field of medical terminologies, Phast-Services was created to deliver services that facilitate and secure health data exchange.

Hospitals’ IT systems process medical information spread over a variety of software. Each system uses different names to identify drugs, medical devices or laboratory tests, hence communication between one system to another can be challenging.

Phast-Service provides interoperable thesauri which bring together reference medical vocabularies to enable interoperability between computers : each medical concept is identified with a unique code which can be interpreted by computer systems unambiguously.

Phast-Services works to ensure that the interoperable thesauri are constantly updated and can be easily integrated into healthcare information systems.


It collects data from many official sources and processes it in a standard format to support hospital practices around the medication circuit.

Medical devices

IOmd provides description of over one million medical devices references into hospital software: references, vendors, labels, classifications (such as Cladimed), medical devices withdrawn from market, bar codes, …

Clinical laboratory services

IOlab provides standardized descriptions for laboratory tests, prescriptions or requests for medical examinations, blood sampling plans, results and test reports.