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  • Pour accéder à nos locaux : sélectionner « Porte » sur l’écran du digicode extérieur, puis « Phast » sur l’écran du digicode intérieur. 1er étage, porte gauche.

Situé au centre de Paris, Phast-Services bénéficie d’une large desserte par les transports en commun

  • rer RER : station « Châtelet – Les Halles » lignes A,B & D. Suivre la sortie « Place Carrée » puis sortir par la Porte du Jour.
  • metro Métro : station « Louvre-Rivoli » ligne n°1, « Châtelet » lignes n° 7, 11 & 14, « Les Halles » ligne 4 et « Sentier » pour la ligne n°3.
  • bus Bus : Les lignes n°29, 67, 74 & 85, station « Louvre – Etienne Marcel » sont au pied de l’immeuble.
  • Voiture : Si vous ne pouvez faire autrement que de vous déplacer en voiture, le parking le plus proche est celui du Forum des Halles (environ 450 mètres de nos locaux). Un deuxième parking est accessible par la rue des croix des petits champs, (environ 350m).

25, rue du Louvre
75001 PARIS

N° SIREN : 489 472 043
Code NAF : 6202A
Numéro CNIL : 2078788 v 0

Tél : +33 (0)1 82 83 90 00

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You plan to pay a visit to Phast-Services’s head office

Formerly at # 17 rue du Louvre, we have moved to a more spacious office at #25, on the same street. As you can guess, we are very close to “The Louvre” and we strongly recommend that you take advantage of our meeting to plan a visit.

Phast-Services is located in the heart of Paris. It is very well served by public transportation: You’ll have no problem getting to us. From the airports (CDG & Orly) as well as Gare du Nord station, it’s a straight shot on the RER B. Don’t forget to get off the train at the stop “Les Halles”

As “Les Halles” is the largest subway station in Paris and currently under major building works, it could be a challenge to find one’s way.

Navigating “Les Halles” station

When you get off the train at “Les Halles”, take a flight of stairs or escalators up from the platform. Once in the station, look for the blue signs indicating “Place Carrée”. Before getting there, you will need your ticket to go through a row of turnstiles, then go up one more level and through a set of doors that give access to “Place Carrée” which is part of the mall.
Once in “Place Carrée”, you’ll spot 2 escalators: choose the one on the right with “Porte de St Eustache” written on the side and keep going up. One more flight of stairs to exit at the “Porte of Saint Eustache” and there you are, out in the open!

Once outside “Les Halles”, at the exit “Porte St Eustache”, make a left and walk all the way down « rue Rambuteau » (200 meters) alongside the Saint Eustache Basilica, then continue onto “rue Coquillière” (same street, different name). Take a right at “rue du Louvre” and walk down till #25 (on the left side).

To get into the building, you have to select “Porte” (door) or “Phast” on the interphone. The external door will unlock automatically. You’ll reach a second door. Select “Phast” again: someone will answer and unlock the second door: climb up to the first floor. You’ve arrived and you will be warmly welcomed.

Metro lines & Buses

“Les Halles” is also the station you will use if you commute with the RER A, RER D as well as the n°4
Beside “Les Halles”, three other metro stations serve our office:

  • metro Métro station « Louvre-Rivoli » on line 1,
  • metro « Châtelet » on lines n° 7, 11 & 14,
  • metro « Sentier » on line 3.

Parisian buses are very comfortable and you can get off at our front door, with the bus station “Louvre – Etienne Marcel” on lines 29, 67, 74 & 85.

NB: we highly recommend the App called “RATP” (RATP being the name of the public Paris transportation company). It is very user-friendly, with an English version and will help you to join us and to feel at home in Paris


25, rue du Louvre
75001 PARIS

N° SIREN : 395 322 712
Code NAF : 6202A
Numéro CNIL : 2078788 v 0

Tél : +33 (0)1 82 83 90 00

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